Monday, September 19, 2011

Memes and Trolling

Ever wondered about Internet Memes??  There was a great item in the today about the origins of 10 of the best internet memes.
5. The O Rly? Owl: A photograph of a snowy owl with an amusing facial expression was taken by photographer John White in 2001, before being snatched and superimposed with "O Rly?", thus creating a meme commonly posted on forums as a response to a debatable statement.
9. Futurama Fry: In season two, episode 11 of cartoon Futurama, the main character Fry is seen to make a suspicious face. This is now a meme, with text superimposed on to the still image, generally saying something along the lines of, "Not sure if trolling ... or just stupid".

Check out the rest of the list HERE

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