Friday, November 7, 2014

Seinfeld in Parliament - #auspol mash up

I have got to share this hilarious Seinfeld meets Australian Politics mashup created by youtuber Huw Parkinson.  

He takes Seinfeld heads and script and super imposes it over #auspol members and proceedings, and the end result is brilliant.

For those overseas the "Hello Newman" reference relates to the guy to the right of screen Queensland Premier Campbell Newman and the tone that Seinfeld always used with Newman fits so perfectly into #auspol.

The creator also has other #auspol themed videos up on his channel including Plamer United Party themed Jacqui Lambie Ghost Busters and Clive Palmer Arrested Development.

Check him out its well worth a watch

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

#socialmedia nzomDIGITAL Advertising

I have always been a fan of social media, as can be seen from my prolific use of various social media platforms.  I have decided to make a career out of the hobby I love, and so nzomDIGITAL social media consulting was born.

If you need help with social media for your business, organisation or charity, club or group or personally, then please visit today to contact me so I can help you.

I have recently developed some advertising to promote my business and thought you's like to see some of it.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

new tech listings in the ebay store

There are always new listings being added to Stord Trading from nzompilot my ebay store, but for you IT people here are just a few deals for you.

Brand New IBM 300GB 10K 6Gbps 2.5" HS SAS HDD - save 33.5% on Australian RRP

Brand New IBM 600GB 10K 6Gbps 2.5" HS SAS HDD - save over $370 on Australian RRP

Replacement Laptop power supply for HP and Compaq - just $5.95AUD

These and plenty more bargains are available all the time at the ebay store

* If you have anything similar either new or used, or any other items you want to sell, let me sell them for you - contact me for information

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New venture

nzompilot is facing a change.

Aviation has and always will be a big part of who I am, but I haven't been able to get into the left or right hand seat for quite a number of years due to medical reasons.

The past four years I have been working in admin for an IT and telecommunications dealer but was recently made redundant from that.

So I have decided the time is right to open my own business.  So Stord Trading from nzompilot was born.

Stord Trading is an ebay store based on the platform and I am using it to offer consumers the same IT, electronics and technology that I have previously only sold to business and corporate customers through my previous role.

I am taking this opportunity to use the same suppliers and all my industry contacts to offer the same products and deals to you via ebay that my previous employer offers to its corporate clients, in fact in some instances I am offering you better deals than they are.

But aviation is not forgotten as there are a few aviation models available for sale via the store as well.  I am downsizing my own collection selling off all my international models to focus just on Australasian carriers.

Please help me out by visiting the store HERE - please bookmark the link and visit often as I am always uploading more stuff for sale.  You can also like the store's Facebook page HERE.

If you have any aviation models you would like to sell off I do sell on commission and am happy to  help you sell off any models you no longer want.  The same goes for quite a lot of things.  If you are interested please contact me via email ebay at nzompilot dot info

Monday, May 5, 2014

Undisputed Champions

Yesterday afternoon along with 51.1 thousand others I was at Suncorp Stadium to see my beloved Brisbane Roar become the Most Successful Club in Hyundai A-League history.

Brisbane Roar are the first club to claim 3 Championships.  Along with that we hold 2 premierships, doing the double in 10/11 and now in 13/14.

There were a lot of highlights in the game yesterday form both sides, as well as standout performances.

I want to congratulate the Wanderers, making back to back grand finals is a feat in itself, let alone in the first 2 years of existence!  I also want to pay tribute to the travelling Red and Black Bloc fans who showed up in numbers yesterday to try and bring some of the 'Wanderland' atmosphere to Suncorp.

Thomas Broich once again proved he is the best import the A-League has seen with his well timed fee kick finding fellow import Besart Berisha for the Roar's first goal.
Bes has been a standout for the club in his 3 seasons here, and we will miss him greatly now he has headed off to Melbourne Victory, I just hope in the time he has been here he has taught Michael Theo how to stop him when he is in on goal.

Most Successful Club in the Hyundai A-League
I will admit that after the poor start we had to season 12/13 under Rado after the departure of Ange, I was less than impressed when the club appointed Mike Mulvey as Head Coach, but I am more than happy to stick my hand up and say I was wrong.  Mulvey has been the leader the club needed and in his 1.5 seasons took us from the depths to the semi final in 12/13 and then to runaway Premiers and then Champions in 13/14.

Brisbane fans rejoice for once again we are the Champions, Wanders fans take heart, you were a formidable opponent and I believe using this loss as motivation you can continue the strong showing in the ACL and go far in that competition.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Pure brillance from Orlando Engelaar

Even as a Brisbane Roar fan, I can appreciate the stunning beauty of this shot from Melbourne Heart's Orlando Engelaar. 

Watch and enjoy

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Samsung launch Galaxy S5

At a global event launch in Barcelona, Samsung have released the new Galaxy S5 smart phone, which is expected to go on sale in over 100 markets on 11-April-2014.

One of the biggest changes is the new S5 will be IP67 certified meaning it is resistant to dust and water, finally combining the smart phone with the tough phone.  The S5 will follow the iPhone 5S lead and feature a biometric scanner (fingerprint reader)

The new camera will be 16MP with HDR and ability to focus in just 0.3sec, next to the camera and flash is a heart rate monitor, a new innovation for smart phones, however the S5 wont feature the 8 core processor that some of its S4 predecessors did, coming with a quad core 2.5GHz processor.

Read more on the new Samsung Galaxy S5 via HERE

The new Samsung Galaxy S5 via

Friday, February 21, 2014

Queen Mary 2 hits Brisbane

Fanciful Cunard Line cruise Ship the Queen Mary 2 arrived into Brisbane this morning.  Due to its size it is unable to fit under the Gateway Bridge and therefore instead of berthing at the Portside Cruise Terminal it had to berth at Fisherman's Island.

However its location at Fisherman's Island did make for some good photo's from Luggage Point in Myrtletown, below is a selection of the pics I took on our "work sponsored field trip" (3 of us from our dept in a work car going to see it with the permission of the boss) These are all iPhone 5 pics - if I'd known I would be going to see the QM2 today, I would've bought my Canon along.

The rear end of the Queen Mary 2

Showing the sheer scale of the vessel