Friday, February 1, 2013

Chicken Wings webcomic

As some of you may know my friend Melinda writes a blog &c.&c. and quite often profiles webcomics she likes, I thought I'd do the same with an aviation based webcomic I recently discovered.

Chicken Wings is written by commercial pilot Michael Strasser and illustrated by his brother Stefan Strasser they publish the comics anywhere between 8 & 15 times a month, they also have 4 books of the chicken wings comics for sale on the website.

Chicken wings is drawn in the traditional 3 frame comic format that has been popular with newspapers and magazines for years, so in a sense is a traditional comic, despite being primarily web based.  So I guess it can both equally be called a comic and a webcomic, although most webcomics are multi-framed and contain a greater story than the traditional format 3 frame comics.  Not to be confused with comic books as described by Sheldon Cooper to Penny in The Big Bang Theory S02E20 HERE

I found Chicken Wings through the following cartoon that was recently shared on Facebook

Dreamliner Simulation cartoon © 22/01/13 Mike & Stefan Strasser
This is an absolute classic for all those avgeeks out there who know about the current issues being experienced by the Boeing 787-8 fleets world wide.

They have also been very vocal on the issue of NIMBYs and others out to destroy aviation, and the effect their protesting and frivolous law suits have on the aviation community.
© Michael & Stefan Strasser
© Michael & Stefan Strasser

If you are into aviation or even have a passing interest then I implore you to head to the Chicken Wings website (linked above) and check them out for yourself, I have laughed a lot in the few comics I have read, and will no doubt laugh some more as I check out the archives and wait to see the new comics published.

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