Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tech tidbits

So a couple of tech tidbits that have caught my attention today.

Next gen iPad next month?
Reports from iMore seem to suggest that apple will release its next generation of iPad & iPad Mini's next month, while the next iPhone (iPhone 5S) may hit shelves in August.

The report confirmed recent citings of new iPad cases, at a time when accessories for other imminent Apple products appear absent.
It also addressed rumours the iPad mini would likely carry the super high-resolution retina display, which was the key reafture of the 'new' iPad or iPad 3 launched last year, as unlikely.
Read more on the new iDevices from HERE

Aldi Mobile launches
German supermarket chain Aldi has today switched on its new low-cost mobile network across Australia.  The network service is provided through the Telstra Wholesale network which uses the main Telstra network but a a speed slightly slower than Telstra 3G.
Aldi Mobile customers can recharge their prepaid service online, via an upcoming mobile app, and through all 300 Aldi supermarket stores across Australia.
SIM cards for the service are available in standard, micro-SIM and nano-SIM sizes to suit all mobile phones and tablets on the market. Aldi Mobile starter packs ($5) and recharge cards will be sold in all Aldi Stores.
Read more on the new network including plan details etc via HERE or checkout THIS article explaining Aldi mobile allowing people to make international calls but not roam

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