Saturday, January 19, 2013

7 News Brisbane make (bad) onscreen changes

7 News Brisbane have made the biggest shake up to their on screen line up in decades, relegating their main presenting duo of Rod Young & Kay McGrath to Friday and Saturday nights only. And I am NOT happy.

At the same time they have brought in former 10 news presenter Bill McDonald who they have paired with weekend presenter Sharon Gidella.  The new team will present the news Sunday to Thursday, while Gidella will also present a new Queensland version of Today Tonight, 7's "current affairs" programme.

I think this is the worst decision that 7 could've made.  They lead the rating's in QLD and have done for sometime, but I think there is a good chance of this slipping with the main presenting team being relegated to a "weekend" role.

Don't get me wrong I have a lot of respect for Sharon Gidella and think she is a wonderful presenter, but I don't think the fact they were able to pick up and ex news reader from a rival network, is a reason to make such a huge change.

Time will tell if this decision is a good one, or one that loses the channel viewers and hands the ratings crown to 9 news, I for one will give it ago for a week, but since I usually don''t get to see the news on Fridays, Saturday's & Sunday's I wont be seeing Rod & Kay and therefore doubt I will  last long.  I wont be off to 9 as I think they are still an inferior product, I think I'll just stop watching and get my news from the interwebs.

Read more on the 7 network changes from the Courier Mail HERE

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