Monday, January 21, 2013

Mmmmm coat of arms (*Drools*)

The advertisement for the burger on the Grill'd website
Grill'd have set Patriots and Monarchists off with their new special offering for Australia Day, the Coat of Arms burger.

Most people will know that Australians are one of the only if not the only country in the world that eats all the  symbols on its coat of arms, and Grill'd have seized on this and created the coat of arms burger, with a patty of 80% Kangaroo and 3% Emu meat.

The burger is a very limited edition on offer for the period of January 19th-31st and only available in one location per state, limited to 50 burgers per day.

Strangely enough I stumbled upon this story on New Zealand newspaper The New Zealand Herald's website and have yet to see it anywhere in the Australian media.

  The burger has been slammed by the Australian Monarchist League's chairman Phillip Benwell, who took issue with the use of Australia's coat of arms.
"The coat of arms represents a nation and using it in a marketing campaign rather
demeans the coat of arms and ridicules it," he said.
Looking at the Grill'd website reveals not only is the meat patty made from the national icons, but the rest of the filling is uniquely Australian.  It contains Quandong, Bush Tomato Relish, Caramlised Onions,  Native Thyme Mayo, Meridth Dairy Goats Cheese, as well as tomato, mesculin & beetroot which cant be considered entirely Australian.

Seeing this fine combination of ingredients I fell a little like this

Now just need to make it into the CBD early enough in the day to be one of the lucky 50 who gets to sample this delicacy...

See the herald article HERE and the Grill'd write up/advertising HERE

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