Thursday, July 11, 2013

Gold Coast Commonwealth Games power abuse

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There is an article in this morning's couriermail about a raft of new laws proposed for the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast in 2018.  Some of them I am completely against and find to be a complete abuse of power just to make things 'look good' to 'keep up appearances' for overseas television audiences.
THE raft of new laws proposed for the Commonwealth Games include giving the green light for the killing of protected animals that stray into venues during competition.     
I find this proposal abhorrent as one of the protected animals on the Gold Coast is the Koala.  Not only is this an icon of Australia, its a protected species as the Koala population is declining and their survival as a species is threatened.  So killing them just because they venture into a commonwealth games venue is ludicrous.

One of the other proposed laws is even worse when it comes to abuse of civil liberties in the name of keeping up appearances.  The proposal requires owners of buildings and properties within camera shot of venues and iconic scenery to clean up their properties, remove graffiti etc.  While removing graffiti is always a positive thing forcing private citizens to clean up their back yards is a complete abuse of power.

I do however agree with some of the proposals such as increasing the power of police to crack down on ticket scalpers, unauthorised broadcasts and to relocate people to "some distance away from the event site"

But I do disagree with the final proposal to limit the number of mobility scooters at each venue.  This is a blatant discrimination against elderly and disabled people who have an equal right to attend events as able bodied and young people.

Read the full article HERE (may require creating a free news+ account)
and read the government briefing paper HERE (released under the Right to Information Act 2009)

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