Tuesday, July 16, 2013

nzompilot's Positivity Challenge

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This is something I wrote for publication on my personal Facebook & Google+ accounts but thought was worth sharing here as well.

When everything seems hard, when life gets you down, when you feel like you're getting thrown through the ringer at every turn, its often hard to believe that you make a difference at all.  I know its something I really struggle with, and I'm sure other people struggle with it as well.

Even though its often hard to believe we are always making a difference, whether its as simple as a smile and wave or verbal thank you to a bus driver that makes their shift or its something a lot bigger where you set an example that others follow, every day there is a way that you are making a difference.

Its my challenge to myself to actually try and observe these little or big things so that I can see what impact I am having on the world around me.  This in turn should help me to feel better about myself, and I challenge each of you reading this to do the same.  

Pay attention to the bus driver when you leave the bus see if your
acknowledgement of them makes them smile, see if the person you make eye contact with a smile at walking down the street, smiles back and if their facial expression changes.

Go out each and every day and make it your challenge to be positive and use that positivity to make a difference on those around you. Even if feeling positive is the last thing you feel like doing, even a simple smile can change you and those around.

This is my challenge - will you join me?

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