Monday, April 8, 2013

365 days left for XP

Its an image that is iconic to many, something a lot of people still see on a day by day basis - the windows XP load screen.  Its also something that will become rarer and rarer over the next year with Microsoft announcing they will no longer support Windows XP after 08/04/14.

One year from today, the world's most popular PC operating system, Windows XP, will no longer be supported by Microsoft.
As of April 8, 2014, the software vendor will no longer provide security patches or other updates to the software.
This could prove to be a problem for many as XP is still a well loved and widely used operating system around Australia, New Zealand and the world, with many programs and scripts still built to use its infrastructure.

This of course will be a huge bonus to programmers and developers who will see a windfall of companies who need programs that have been created for their company rewritten to use the Windows 7 platform, and you can expect there to be big delays in getting your custom program or script updated as the large numbers who still use and rely on XP suddenly clammer to get everything migrated across to Windows 7 before its too late.

Read more about the end for XP from itnewswire HERE

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