Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Apple - life sentance

There is an interesting article on itnews this morning which makes you stop and think just how much of my personal data is stuck in corporate archives for how long?

As most people do I just skip straight to the end of EULA's and T&C's and check the box then move on, but turns out with my apple account I am now a customer for life.

Apple customers are customers for life, thanks to a clause in the company’s terms and conditions requiring a death certificate before an account can be terminated.
An Apple account and associated data can only be closed once Apple has sighted a death certificate for the user.
Just makes you wonder what else big corporate's are hiding in the EULA's &/or T&C's which no one actually stops and reads.  Just proves the point that you should be very very careful about what information you enter into online accounts.

Read the full itnews article HERE

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