Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fast food Apps

Something caught my eye in this morning's email from ARN - one of their 'In Pictures' series looking at fast food apps and how they are changing the face of fast food.

They began with the new Macca's app (McDonalds Australia) which is called track my macca's - which takes users on a tour of the origins of the ingredients of 8 different products following the supply chain from farm to macca's.
The app then translates data from Macca's supply chain systems about farms, suppliers, ingredients, date, time, weather, location and other variables into an animation that incorporates the faces and voices of real farmers. The text and visuals are wry and informative. "We were very conscious of being entertaining in an adult way," says Shamini Nair, head of digital business for McDonald's Australia. "The Simpsons was the inspiration."

Screenshots of the Track My Macca's app
Other fast food restaurants in Australia have had mobile apps for a while including Pizza Hut, Dominos, Eagle Boys & Hungry Jacks.  But it is probably time some other restaurants jumped onto the bandwagon and offered a mobile app.

Have a look at the ARN top 10 HERE which lists a lot of the offering from overseas including Burger King's app which lets you order home delivery in the USA!

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