Wednesday, September 11, 2013

iPhone 5S, 5C & iOS7

The overnight launch of the new Apple tech heralded no surprises and no new kit.  As expected Apple launched the new iPhone 5S and 5C and announced the long awaited iOS 7 release date.

Expect to see iOS7 next week (I can't wait) it has a brand new look and some great features, as well as AirDrop and siri will have twitter and facebook integration as well as being able to change settings on your iPhone for you (at least on the 5S)
iPhone 5C - pic from the Apple website
The iPhone 5C is designed for colour with several new colours in the revolutionary poly carbonate single piece shells shells, the 5C builds on the existing iPhone 5, and is aimed at the lower cost market.

The new iPhone 5S builds on the existing 5 with new tech including a new A7 chip but the biggest enhancement has to be the new Touch ID which is an inbuilt fingerprint scanner in the home button.  This can be used as a password to access the iPhone and also as authority to purchase from iTunes & the App store

iPhone 5S - pic from Apple website
As always for more check out the apple website or for local sites or

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