Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Weird Dreams

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Do you dream?

I haven't dream't in ages, or that I have remembered up until the last few nights.

On Sunday night/Monday morning, I dream't that I was here in Brisbane and was hanging out with a bunch of people - quite normal as I am often around these people, however I noticed the sun was shining.  Now thats not unusual the sun shines 95% of the time here in Brisbane, however I immediately knew something was wrong with the sun shining, and looked at my watch - now this is weird as a) currently I don't wear a watch and b) It was on my left wrist and I used to wear my watch on the right wrist.

Anyway I looked at my watch and realised the reason I was concerned about the sun shining was it was 8:30pm at night.  Now as a Kiwi who grew up with daylight savings I am quite used to the sun shining at 8:30pm at night but that just does not happen here in Brisbane. Now I was concerned that the sun was shining bright at 8:30pm, but I was the only one.

Me the Kiwi who is used to daylight savings and the sun shining at 8:30pm at night was concerned that in Brisbane the sun was shining at 8:30pm at night yet my friends who I was with who are from Brisbane, didn't notice and weren't worried that the sun was shining at 8:30pm at night!

The second odd dream was last night (Monday night/Tuesday morning) and was located at our property in the Marlborough Sounds New Zealand yet with some Australian items.
The view in question (photo from my sisters facebook page)
So I was standing on the deck of our property looking out across the sound watching the boat traffic (see above pic lifted from my sister's facebook page - thanks sis) from here you can see the Interislander and BlueBridge ferries crossing left to right on their way to Wellington and right to left when they are arriving into Picton.

SO there were boats all over the place and ferries crossing in the main shipping channel then a Qantas Boeing 737-800 comes out from Picton and crosses the view heading for Wellington like its a ferry.  Now that seemed a little odd but I wasn't to worried about it.

A bit later on the wind had picked up and the sound was choppy and another QF B738 was heading out, now I know it was VH-VXB Yananyi Dreaming because the tail was in Yananyi colours despite the fact the body of the plane had been stripped back to bare metal (kind of in the spirit of the Cathay Pacific Silver Bullet B747F's) but at the time in the dream I incorrectly identified it as VH-ZXA (a QF B763) now in fighting the wind its wings were bent at a very odd angle upwards.

Anyway it hit a wave, got a little airborne and as it hit the sea again panels fell off the side of the aircraft as did the wings and it "crashed" now it went out of sight however the rear of the fuselage returned to sight going in the opposite direction, however it had broken in half and the front half had I assume already sunk, now I was watching the back half sink in front of me.

Instead of being concerned about the 170 odd pax + crew being injured and drowning and calling 000 or since we were in NZ 111, I was more concerned about being the first to post an eyewitness account on various online aviation forums!

So in the last two nights I have had some VERY weird dreams, and I have no idea why I have had them, I'm slightly worried about my brain after these.  If anyone out there wants to interpret these dreams go right ahead.

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