Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Apple tech in 5 days?

Are apple about to launch a brand new line of tech? Or is all the hype just over the new iPhone 5S & 5C?

We are all aware that the new iPhone 5S & 5C will launch this month but the invitation (image above) has others abuzz that a new line could also be launched
The invite for the event, to be held on Apple's Cupertino campus, promises that "this should brighten everyone's day," hinting that it may launch more than just the iPhone 5 successor. Rumors have been swirling about Apple launching a new watch, or perhaps even a new TV.
Apple CEO Tim Cook also said earlier this year that Apple would launch "new product categories  from the fall season (Sep-Nov) through 2014.

So we wait to see what next weeks launch brings - will it be something new an innovative? Or is it just clever marketing to create interest?

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