Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A win for the nerd generation?

I read an interesting article this afternoon from IT Newswire about Auckland school, Stonefields School using pupil power coupled with minecraft to help design new classrooms.

Having researched Stonefields a little it appears to have evolved from the basis of the former Mt Wellington School which the Ministry of Education closed, with private school Stoneflieds opening in February 2011 in its place.
Photo from Stonefields School principal Chris Bradbeer via IT newswire
Anyway Stonefields are projecting the possibility of expansion so asked their kids to help design five "learning hubs" (open-plan classrooms) and the kids asked to use minecraft instead of traditional media.

One of the organisational principles of our schools is 'listening to voices' and we wanted to consult the students on the learning hub design," Bradbeer said.
"At first, we spent an afternoon with a group of year 5 to 8 students, and having Lego, paper, cardboard, marker pens and other traditional materials, but the first thing they said was 'could we do this on Minecraft?'"
I'm impressed that the school has been so open to the ideas of the kids using minecraft, and impressed that the kids find designing classrooms easier using minecraft.  The story also highlights the other uses for minecraft and its partnership with the UN to develop public spaces around the world, getting local young people involved in urban planning.

Read the full story from itnewswire HERE

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