Tuesday, December 4, 2012

the King George Square conumdrum

One of the biggest debates in the Brisbane City Council is did they make the right choice when they upgraded King George Square in the central city.

Opponents and council opposition parties led by Cr Milton Dick have repeatedly called for grassed and shaded areas to be returned to the square, that is currently covered in concrete and paving stones after being redeveloped in 2009.

Prior to the 2009 upgrade there was a garden bed in the center of the square which before 2005 had been a fountain.

Today in the middle of the "heat wave" that is gripping South East Queensland the mercury topped out at a whopping 61˚C, this reading was taken shortly before midday at surface level.
Photo from Quest City News via couriermail.com.au
Council & Lord Mayor Graham Quirk have firmly stated that there is nothing they can do to change the layout of the square, due to the busway under the square, which cannot handle the additional weight that would be added by the grass and soil.

Are you a Brisbaneite? does King George Square turn you off?  What solutions do you think should be implemented to make King George Square more user friendly in summer?

Read more about the issues via City News HERE & HERE

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