Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Twitter launch rival to Instagram

So as mentioned in a blog post last week (When social media networks fight) Instrgram and Twitter have had a falling out which has resulted in Instagram photos shared on twitter now occuring as web links that direct users to Instagram's own websites.

Well Twitter have countered this with the launch of their own photo filtering software which was released in an update now available in the App Store. Below is a screen shot of this new software powered by Aviary.

So the battle has begun between the rival networks for the all important market share that is the "hipster' generation.

In writing this piece I have looked at the offering from Twitter which seems to be a solid market entry, there are 9 choices of filter (including no filter) and the auto enhance wizard is as easy as a touch of a button, the grid view layout of the filters is great, but to really get the full impression of what your pic would look like with the filter in place the easiest way is to swipe through the full screen view.

I will be interested to see how this new offering from twitter is taken up by users however I still see Instagram having a large share of the market, as their offering is established and they currently offer a larger number of filter offerings.

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