Thursday, December 6, 2012

When social media networks fight

We the users seem to be the losers in the latest 'social media war' between three of the heavy weights of the social media revolution.\

Instagram who was recently purchased by Facebook have announced that they no longer support twitter cards which allowed Twitter users to view Instagram photos in the tweet.  Users are now required to click the link and view the photo on an Instagram website.

The move escalates a rivalry in the fast-growing social networking sector, where the biggest players have sought to wall off access to content from rival services and to their ranks of users.
"They're both competing for slices of the same pie, the pie being users' attention," said Ray Valdes, an analyst with research firm Gartner.   
I for one think this is a petty squabble, but I really dont expect much better from these companies who are more interested in their market share and profits than the experience of their users.

Read more about the blocking of Instagram content and the growing rift between the big social media companies in this Reuters article via

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